Elementor Pro Free License

Hi, I know you are excited about the elementor pro’s free license. 

I can share it with you, but before that, here are some rules to get that.

Step 1:

Message me, 

  1. Why do you want the license?
  2. Share the website URL where you are going to use it

Step 2:

Once I feel it’s good. I want you to give me credit in the footer of the website. 

You can write:

Option 1: Website Support by DigiArpit.com

Option 2: Website Builder by DigiArpit.com

Option 3: Website Crafted by DigiArpit.com

Anything you like. 

Please note: Link must be a do-follow link.

Step 3: 

Create a user account on your WordPress website, I will install and activate the plugin by connecting it with my elementor pro account.

You can delete the account afterward for safety purposes.

License will be valid till 21st July 2023

I am doing this activity to help website designers and business owners who are learning or want to use it on projects and can’t afford the plugins.