Top 8 WordPress Web Hosts for 2021

All of these companies offer the best web hosting for WordPress. Your site will be on a server that only has WordPress sites on it. This increases security and efficiency, which leads to a better experience for your customers.

Here are the hosts who provide the best WordPress hosting today:

  • Bluehost – Best for creating your first WordPress website
  • Hostinger – Best for hosting hundreds of sites on a shoestring budget
  • WP Engine – Best for hosting multiple WordPress sites with tons of traffic
  • Nexcess – Best for effortless website staging
  • Siteground – Best for ecommerce websites with easy site migration
  • Flywheel – Best if you want pros to migrate your site for you
  • Kinsta – Best for auto-scaling for unexpected surges in traffic
  • Scala Hosting – Most freebies in WordPress hosting plans
  • Continue on for our in-depth reviews on the best WordPress hosting services today.


#1 – Bluehost — Best for Creating Your First WordPress Website


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Bluehost is one of the most popular and trusted web hosts on the market.

That’s because of three things:

  • Ease of Use. BlueHost holds your hand through the entire start up process. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to install WordPress immediately. You’ll have your site live within 15 minutes from starting. Pro tip: If you want some help, here’s our full guide on how to create a website.
  • Hands-On Customer Service. While we don’t think you’ll ever need to interact with a customer support representative, we can say confidently that you’re in very good hands if you ever need to. Bluehost has an award-winning 24/7 customer support team on hand to help you if any issues arise (e.g. cyberattacks, website crashes).
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing. Bluehost also has some of the lowest pricing around, with plans as low as $2.75/month. That’s incredibly cheap.

As such, they’re the perfect host to choose if you’re just starting out.

Yes, you will be on shared hosting. So, if you or someone else on your server gets a huge spike of traffic, your site could go down.

But, honestly, this almost never happens. I’ve had websites on shared hosting for over a decade and never had a site go down.

If you ever want to upgrade, they also offer managed WordPress hosting that starts at $9.95/month. Not the lowest price point I’ve seen—but it’s still one of the lowest-cost options out there for managed hosting.

The value you get from Bluehost can’t be beat. It’s powerful enough for most websites and they’re also widely recommended throughout the industry.

Bottom line: Bluehost is the best option for the vast majority of people reading this—but especially if you’re just getting started.


#2 – Hostinger — Best for Hosting Hundreds of Sites on a Shoestring Budget


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Hostinger stands out for their stellar loading times along with their low prices.

How low? Normally Hostinger is $7.99/month. But there’s a deal right now that gives you a 75% discount on their rates.

That means you could pay just $1.99/month for single shared hosting—which is unbeatable compared to other web hosts out there.

But here’s the kicker: for just another dollar more per month, you can build 100 websites along with 100 GB of SSD storage, free email, and unlimited bandwidth.

That’s right, for the price of a single cup of coffee each month, you’ll be able to host up to 100 websites. That’s a stellar deal.

With their great prices, does that mean you’ll be sacrificing quality? Nope. In fact, you’re going to get solid uptime reliability with Hostinger.

In our research, we found that sites on Hostinger had some months in the 99.8% range and dipped to as low as 99.04%. But some months also delivered 100% uptime. Overall, you’re not going to worry too much about their uptime, especially if you have a smaller personal website.

Loading times are pretty speedy too. According to their website, their server response time clocks in at around 43 milliseconds, which is very fast. To give you a comparison, that’s just 13 milliseconds “slower” than a lightning strike.

Overall, this is a great web host if you want good prices with quality hosting. If you want to maximize the number of sites you can host at a low cost, get signed up with Hostinger today.


#3 – WP Engine — Best for Hosting Multiple WordPress Sites with Tons of Traffic

WP Engine

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  • STARTS AT $22.50/MONTH


For pros, I recommend WP Engine. It’s great for managed WordPress hosting.

In fact, WP Engine is what we use here at QuickSprout—and for very good reason. If you’re trying to get serious and build a high-traffic blog or business, it’s by far the best managed WordPress host out there.

But I don’t recommend it for anyone who’s just starting out, since it’s much more expensive. We’re talking between $30 and over $100 each month versus a range of $4 to $15. Most WordPress sites would do much better with Bluehost or Siteground. Not only will you save a bunch of money—you won’t need the serious features that come with WP Engine.

For $22.50/month, paid annually, you can host one 10GB site with a limit of 25,000 monthly visitors. The next tier of service is $44.25/month for ten sites and 100,000 monthly visitors. If you get a spike in traffic and go over these traffic limits, you’ll get hit with overage fees.

That might seem like a lot of money for fewer resources (especially when compared to services like Hostinger and Bluehost) but, remember, this is managed WordPress hosting.

As a managed host, WP Engine professionally maintains speed and security at the server level—meaning you don’t have to do anything to maximize performance on your end.

You don’t have to research and rely on plug-ins to shave seconds off your load time, or become an expert on the best practices for building a lean site.

Nor do you have to carve out time to install and update your plugins, run backups, or implement security features to ward off brute force attacks. WP Engine takes care of it all behind the scenes.

The customer service is also excellent, with 24/7 support with trackable service tickets and a comprehensive knowledge base.

WP Engine’s support staff are WordPress experts, providing detailed answers to your questions and issues.

Every time I’ve had to reach out to their customer support, I’ve always been impressed. The speed, thoroughness, and expertise is world-class.

Bottom line: WP Engine is an excellent solution if you want to get serious about growing your WordPress sites.


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